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No matter which stage of your life you are in, saving for the future is a responsibility that we all need to take. AXA Savings & Investments solutions are designed to help you fulfill your financial goals easily while providing an ideal combination of higher potential returns and comprehensive insurance coverage.

AXA Wealth Harvest
  • Start-up Bonus

  • Loyalty Bonus from 10th Year

  • Life Replacement Option

  • Wide Range of Competitive Funds

AXA Wealth Accelerate
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  • 200% Start up Bonus

  • Power-up Bonus

  • Loyalty Bonus

  • Make Your Investment Work from Day 1

  • Death and Terminal Illness Cover

  • Plan Flexibility

  • Life Replacement Option

  • Start-up Bonus

  • Loyalty Bonus

  • Unique Fund Offerings

  • Customise Your Investment

  • Guaranteed Issuance

Retire Happy Plus (II)
  • Capital Guaranteed at Selected Retirement Age

  • Guaranteed Returns

  • Flexibility in Retirement Planning

  • Cushion Against Inflation

  • Eliminate Disruption to Your Savings Plan

  • Hassle-free Application

AXA Flexi Protector
  • Maximize your protection coverage

  • Increase coverage at key milestones of your life

  • Access global investment opportunities

  • Additional bonus unit for investment

AXA Early Saver Plus
  • Guaranteed Returns to Safeguard Your Savings Plan

  • Accumulated Interest for Guaranteed Cash Payouts

  • Flexible Savings Period

  • Savings with Protection

  • No Disruption to Your Savings Plan

  • Hassle-free Application

AXA Retire Treasure II
  • Guaranteed Annual Income

  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones

  • Competitive Total Yield

  • 100% Capital Guaranteed

  • Death or Terminal Illness payout

  • Customisable for your needs

  • Hassle-free Application

  • Extra layers of protection for your plan

  • Hassle-free Application

  • Flexible Savings Options

  • Flexible Policy Terms

AXA Wealth Invest
  • Wide Range of Investment Options

  • Flexible Investment Opportunities

  • Guaranteed Issuance

  • Free Death Cover

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